Qualitative Data Mining – Understanding Information Analysis

Have you ever heard of qualitative data mining? This is something that many people often confuse with information extraction, analytics or even data analysis. This is actually a type of computer science that uses a specific computational process which looks for certain patterns. These patterns are derived and assessed from database systems that use something called artificial intelligence. The goal of this process is to extract information which is then transformed into something that has structure. This is also a buzzword that is often misused, referencing some sort of large-scale data acquisition. However, what it actually does is looks for patterns in data that is extracted, sometimes helping people to understand better ways to market.

Uses For Data Mining

dataIn regard to business, this type of qualitative data process is used to look at trends. If you think about stocks, commodities and other types of financial systems, by finding repeatable trends, people can derive strategies for gaming the system. All you have to do is replicate the trends, or follow it, in order to make a profit. In the same way, people that use this strategy for the business that they are in can look at patterns that their competitors are using, and emulate their success. Other uses for this strategy may include determining rules of association. For instance, if someone has a business where certain products are selling more than others, and they are using a particular type of marketing strategy, by association, the company trying to copy their success can also find success by rules of association. It can also be used for many other things including catalog marketing, decision-making, or considering how a particular market will react. All of this information is very useful when trying to create a successful business, and is why data mining is so in demand today.


Reasons You May Need To Do A Reverse Phone Lookup

There are many people out there who have never heard of a reverse phone lookup. This is when you take a phone number and put it into a system and it tells you who the number belongs to. There are many uses for this service and they are detailed in the article below.

Have you ever received a phone call and the person hung up when you answered? When you called back the number was there no answer? This happens a lot and it is very frustrating. Doing a reverse phone number lookup (link removed) will let you know the source of all of your frustrations. Maybe it was a secret admirer that was too afraid to speak once you answered. You will never know if you don’t use this service.


Harassment is one of those things that are difficult to prove, especially if you have no idea who is doing it. You can make it a bit easier by attaching a name to the number. Perhaps you have been receiving threatening calls or you have been subjected to someone breathing in your ear whenever you answer the phone. That problem will become a thing of the past if you do a reverse phone lookup to find out who the culprit is.

Cheating Spouses

Is your spouse being sneaky and you are trying to get to the bottom of things? Have you seen the same number show up in their phone numerous times? The best thing to do at this point would be to confront them and start asking questions. Unfortunately, there are many dishonest people out there and you may not get a straight answer. This type of service will help you clear things up and figure out what is really going on.


Overprotective parents are the bane of a teenagers existence, but sometimes it is necessary to look a bit closer. If your child has been acting pretty secretive, it may be time to check their phone bills and figure out who they have been speaking with. This may sound like a terrible thing to do, but you want to make sure that your children are not in any danger.

Now that you know all of the situations that may require a number to be looked up, it is time to try it for yourself. Again, this may seem like an invasion of privacy in some situations, but it is actually for the best.